Front Range No-Pull Reflective Comfort Control Dog Harness/Safety Vest

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  • Stylish, durable, scratch-resistant oxford material outer layer. Lightweight duraflex buckle
  • Comfortable lightweight mesh lining with soft padding in chest and belly
  • Safety Features: Strong nylon webbing, 3M reflective striping provides excellent visibility, sturdy handle for holding or seatbelt attachment
  • Two Leash Attachment Points: zinc-alloy d-ring on dog's back and webbing with zinc-alloy o-ring on chest

The No-Pull Adventure Harness is a premium quality, everyday Dog harness that is easy to fit, durable and comfortable for your dog. The No-Pull Dog Harness eliminates pressure from your dog's neck preventing possible neck, spine, and windpipe injuries. Teach your dog not to pull. Dog harnesses are useful for teaching your dog not to pull. The pressure from pulling in a harness is evenly distributed around your dog's body which offers you more control, avoids any injury to your dog. The harness offers stronger restraint during travel and has a strong handle to secure your dog during car travel. The harness when attached to the seat belt keeps him or her from moving around the car or jumping out. Supports Injured/Handicapped Dog - Our Harness provides greater support to an injured or handicapped canine than a collar. It supports your dog during walking, standing or climbing stairs. You can use it to aid the animal in these activities during recovery from an injury, especially when walking up stairs.